Here are some herbs and supplements I love for both boosting our immune systems and to work against viruses, including COVID-19 and any new variants. Ask me what might help you during this this year!

And here are some guidelines about how with work with different stages of the virus.

Are you feeling sneezy, sniffly, and rundown? Are you not sure if you have allergies, a regular cold, or COVID-19? Do you think you might have been exposed to COVID-19 recently?

I can help you sort out your symptoms virtually and get you herbs to alleviate your suffering!

Contact me at 510.717.WOOD or erinlisewood@gmail.com for an herbal and lifestyle wellness check-in.

$50 for 30 minutes over the phone or on zoom with follow-up support via email. Herbs are an additional cost and can be bought at your local apothecary, at my online dispensary, or can be mailed to you from my pharmacy in Boulder Creek. I am stocked up on anti-viral herbs for COVID-19 in case anyone needs support during this new wave of Omicron.

Omicron is spreading quickly and let me know if you want to get more prepped for what lies ahead of us. I am really loving the formulations from Griffo Botanicals in Petaluma, with two different combinations for either a hot or cold presentation of the virus, based on the formulas used in the Wu Han and Hu Bei hospitals. You can take a small dose of one of these formulas preventatively too, if you know you might have been exposed.

Keep wearing your mask, social distance, and get vaccinated AND boosted if you haven’t already. Make sure you know where you can get tested locally, too. I use this website to schedule a free test. Let’s keep caring for one another 🙂


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