About Erin


I was born and raised in Oakland, California where my family has lived and served its community for five generations.  My grandfather, an Oakland Firefighter, taught me the importance of “each doing our part to benefit the whole.”  Whether it was social work or public health, I sought to find my place within the helping professions.

I pursued my interest of the human experience and graduated with honors from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Cultural Anthropology. This subsequently prepared me for learning a tradition with far away origins: East Asian Medicine.  Meanwhile, I pursued my love of holistic health through studying yoga and hands-on healing.  I learned Swedish and Trauma massage at the McKinnon Institute and acupressure at the Acupressure Institute.

I began my training in the art of Acupuncture following several years as a Chiropractic Assistant. Working under Acupuncturist Mary Lynn Morales, she taught me techniques like moxibustion, cupping, auricular therapy, and familiarized me with Chinese herbs and nutritional supplements.

I traveled to Lake Atitlan in Guatemala treating patients and working alongside midwives and local naturopaths in the Hospitalito in Santiago de Atitlan and the Clinica Naturista in San Marcos La Laguna. In 2009, I graduated from The Acupuncture & Integrative Medical College in Berkeley where I completed over 3,000 hours in the school clinic and classrooms, including working in the Community Acupuncture and Ear Clinics, and LifeLong Medical Care.

Since passing the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam in 2010, I have provided affordable treatments at East Bay Community Acupuncture, treated seniors at the Center for Elders Independence, and filled herbal formulas at Spring Wind Dispensary in San Francisco.  I worked for many years at the Opal Street Center, a health collective in North Oakland, in collaboration with Amy Lee seeing Kaiser patients for pain, peripheral neuropathy, and nausea, and at Vibrant Health and Wellness in San Leandro.  I currently practice in Boulder Creek, in the heart of the Santa Cruz Mountains.  My specialties are orthopedics, stress reduction, cancer-support, improving digestion, and boosting immunity.