Springtime is coming and the trees are blooming.  Spring is the time of the WOOD element, which is associated with the color GREEN, the Liver, the tendons, and the eyes.  Spring sprouts, buds, and is a time of new beginnings.  The WOOD element likes to grow, expand, and spread out, so don’t constrain it, or else it’ll get irritable and angry.  So, what can you do to support your WOOD element and LIVER?  Some ideas include:


*exercise, whatever feels good and gets you moving

*don’t suppress your emotions, find CREATIVE outlets for anger, frustration, and depression

*start a new project, make a new plan

*give your LIVER a rest from chemicals, stimulants, alcohol, and fried foods

*eat lots of FRESH foods, especially GREENS

*eat whole foods like brown rice and lentils

*eat nuts like walnuts, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and almonds

*chew well and breathe during mealtimes (chew your drinks and drink your food)

*juice fruits and veggies

*drink herbal teas of nettles, dandelion, and mint

*take milk thistle or other LIVER detox formulas

*exfoliate your skin with a loofa or dry brush to release toxins

*adhere to a routine, eat at regular times and go to bed by 11pm to rest your LIVER


If you can find 3 or 4 things on this list that sound do-able, go for it, your LIVER will thank you!!!



Boost Your Immune System!

During all this unpredictable weather and with viruses floating around, it is important to keep your immunity up.  Acupuncture can definitely help, either to prevent colds or help you get over them once they have settled in, but there is so much you can do at home, too.

Ways to prevent colds:

*Get plenty of rest, manage your stress.

*Drink fluids such as ginger tea, mint tea, chamomile, lemon water, or make a thyme tea with lemon and honey.

*Take your vitamins, like vitamin C & D.

*Eat less sugar and more whole foods, such as soups & stews, fish & veggies, yum!

*Take chinese herbs  (like astragalus), I have some formulas for sale in my office.

*Wear hats, gloves, and scarves.  Keep warm.
Signs of catching a cold:

*Sore or tickly throat

*Headache and body aches, especially neckache

*Runny nose, sniffles




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