For a Happy and Healthy Pregnancy!

Add a bit more stress-relief and quiet time to your life.  Acupuncture can help!

Along with your pre-natal vitamins, you can focus on the foods & herbs below to give the best nourishment to you and your baby:

*Folic Acid (Folate) is found in leafy greens, lentils, black beans & whole grains

*Iron is found in red meat, liver, leafy greens, dried apricots & figs, can try Floradix Herbal Iron

*Vitamin B-6 may prevent morning sickness, in brown rice, chicken, fish, avocado, garbanzos, prune juice, bananas, you can take 50mg every 4 hours

*Vitamin B-12 helps your red blood cells & nerves, found in fish, chicken, eggs

*Vitamin C helps you absorb iron, in citrus, raspberries, papaya, broccoli

*Vitamin D from milk, other dairy, & sunshine

*Vitamin E, make sure to take this away from iron, as it interferes with its absorption

*Magnesium is found in nuts & can infuse through the skin in an epsom salt bath

*Calcium is found in dairy, fish with soft bones like sardines, eggs, seaweed, kale, bokchoy, almonds

*Protein, as much as you can! If you buy a protein powder, make sure it isn’t high in Vitamin A

*Fish Oil or Flax Seed Oil

*Nettle & Red Raspberry Leaf Tea help to enrich mother’s milk

*A blend of Nettle, Parsley & Mint Tea is good for the blood

*Use acupuncture, vitamins, and herbs to control morning sickness, along with eating small & frequent meals

*Drink ginger tea with honey or ginger ale for nausea

*Try chewing raw cashews after eating or drinking to keep the food down, kinda makes a plug!

*Chamomile & Lavender Tea soothes the stomach


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