Trusted Colleagues

David Heron, L.Ac. at Oakland Hills Acupuncture

Linda Kim, L.Ac. at the Opal Street Center, Oakland

Mandy Rose, L.Ac., Grand Avenue, Oakland

Energy Matters, Acupuncture & Qi Gong, Oakland

Ozben Felek, L.Ac., El Cerrito

Gastronicity, Nishanga Bliss, L.Ac.

Corpokinetic, Pilates and Wellness Studio

Ratka Mira Popovic, Holistic Bodywork

Ken Breniman, Mindfully Mortal, Psychotherapy & Yoga

Melvin L. Escobar, Psychotherapy & Mindfulness

For Womxn with Cancer:

Charlotte Maxwell Complementary Clinic

Women’s Cancer Resource Center

For Racial & Economic Justice:

Showing Up For Racial Justice

Movement for Black Lives

Poor People’s Campaign



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