Summer Wellness Food + Drink

Series #2: Food + Drink 🌞🍉🍧⠀

From Kirsten at Angelica and Peony:

This installment is pretty light and focused on the energy of summer around love, fun and late nights – and how we can stay balanced with some help from the kitchen. But to be honest, my heart and fire element are out of balance with sorrow, fear, anxiety and rage a lot of the time these days. The same medicine applies. ❤️⠀

Read the whole article on my blog #linkinbio and the rest of the posts in the series at #tcmsummerwellness
🔥❤️😎Last week Erin talked about the energy of Summer – it’s the season of the Fire element and the Heart. We’re ‘fired up’ and open to connection, eating together with friends, family and lovers, and especially tuned to beauty and love in our mealtimes. ⠀
🔥👅The flavor of the Fire element is bitter. Bitter has a 🌬️ cooling, ⬇️ descending quality, and a small amount can help us cool off and feel more grounded. It’s a flavor that’s often neglected in Western diets. ⠀
Try adding some bitter greens like escarole or dandelion🌱🍃🥦 to your salad, sprinkling a few raw cacao nibs on a bowl of diced peaches,🍫🍑 or have some herbal bitters in water🍹 – especially if you’re feeling overwhelmed with the fiery energy of summer, too hot, too much, overdrawn on social energy or having trouble sleeping or ‘coming down’ after fun and exciting times.😜⠀


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