Beyond Separation, Upcoming Thursday Evening Class, Starts March 8th!!!!!

Are you a white person looking to learn, grow, and change?  Beyond Separation’s 8-week course is an incredible starting point.  It is a heart-centered and experiential history lesson about the structures that perpetuate racism and oppression.  Now is the time and it is so worth delving into!!  I took the course last year and it changed my life, for the better.

Here are the details:

Programs for white-identified people who are committed to changing the story of separation.

We work with groups of white-identified people, using multiple learning modalities, including multimedia, mindfulness, and a variety of movement-based activities to create a supportive learning community. We unpack the old stories of whiteness that inform our society and our personal lives, and begin to imagine a new way of being human together. We believe real change requires more than changing our individual attitudes or reforming our laws and institutions (both of which are necessary). Creating a racially just society will also require changing the implicit beliefs, mental models, and cultural narratives that shape our attitudes as well as our institutions. Topics covered in this class include: how our personal histories intersect with larger currents of US history, from settler colonialism to gentrification, how to understand white supremacy, as a culture, as a system, and as a collective wound, how we can learn to bear witness to the pain and suffering racism enacts on people of color, and, finally, how racism impacts our own personal and collective well-being.

  • Next 8-week class: Wednesdays: March 8 through April 26, 2018, 6:30 – 9:30pm.  Register here.

  • Listen to Angela Sevin and Gregory Mengel discussing our programs on Envision Radio.


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